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You can call me Symphony. It's not my name, but it's as good as. I am 16 years old, just trying to make a difference in the world with the little things -- a smile here, a kind word there, a helping hand when you need it most. This is my personal blog. Please also look at my support blog, which is symphonyofstars.tumblr.com.


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I am moving my personal blog to my primary!  This account will be abandoned, so if you would like to continue following me, please follow the blog at the link above.  Thank you!

Massive revamp coming through!


Okay, so since this is my main blog, I’ve been kind of stuck lately since I haven’t had time to keep up with it.  My dashboard is a mess, and it’s gotten to the point where I don’t enjoy coming on anymore.  So I am completely changing everything.  This will now be my personal blog (I am getting rid of my other blog) and I am going to unfollow a whole bunch of people, just to keep things streamlined.

Thank you!

From other account.  This one is going away soon.

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Pesky orphans!

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I’m starting to feel like I want a fresh start here.  I’m following a crapton of blogs that don’t really do much for me and it sometimes feels too chaotic to come on much, so my posts are mostly just queued nowadays.  I think I may delete this and start over, or at least get my account basically to the way it was when I first started.

I’ll let you know what the URL is if I decide to make the move.  Anyone who wants to follow me again is welcome to. :)

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Los Angeles, California

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things that will always sound sarcastic

  • good for you
  • thanks a lot
  • yeah right
  • nice to know
  • wow
  • way to go
  • totally
  • ok buddy

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